About Gourmet Kitchen

Gourmet Kitchen is a culinary theater where food takes the centre stage and the customers and staff are not just spectators but also active participants. From our hands on and engaging cooking classes to our flavour-driven and homely restaurant, Gourmet Kitchen provides every patron with a place to eat, share, and learn.

About Gourmet Kitchen

Our History

It all started with a foodie’s trip to Thailand. A week of cooking classes and immersion in the country’s food and culture inspired GK Owner Laura Jane so much that she decided she wanted to bring this same experience to others as well.

In May 2015, Gourmet Kitchen Cooking School opened its doors at 20 Margaret Street in Moonee Ponds. Professional cooking classes were offered to customers enabling them to confidently prepare gourmet dishes in their own homes. Since then, the cooking school has  grown into a vibrant and successful learning hub of ideas, interaction and enjoyment for the love of food.

After four years, Gourmet Kitchen expanded and finally opened its own restaurant and bar. Along with its cooking school, GK now operates in 14 Margaret Street Moonee Ponds and continues its passion for inspiring people through food.

Laura Jane

Laura Jane has always had a love for food and grew up in a family of amazing cooks. Her mother was a cookery teacher and ran a catering business where Laura would always help out and be involved where she could. Her mother taught her to be confident to give anything a go and that the kitchen is somewhere to learn.

Although she spent the early years of her career as a graphic artist, working for Lonely Planet for the most part, her love for cooking and food never left her. She eventually decided to leave her job and went on to pursue her true passion.

Prior to founding GK, Laura held a job in a Patisserie where she worked with two amazing French Pâtissiers. She would volunteer to come even in her days off so she could learn as much as she possibly could from them.Today, Laura Jane leads Gourmet Kitchen in taking every customer to a delicious journey of food discovery.

Laura Jane


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