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Try our gourmet dishes inspired from different flavours across the world. Our ingredients are locally-sourced to ensure quality and sustainable produce for every meal we prepare.
Take your gastronomic experience to another level. Book a demo class with us and discover how your favourite food is prepared from one of our talented chefs.
Share memorable culinary experiences with family and friends either by dining on a table in our restaurant or learning how to cook a dish right in our kitchen.

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Gourmet Kitchen is a place where food brings people together. We believe that food is the common denominator to allow people to eat, share and learn.

Restaurant dining can be one of the most dynamic and engaging experiences in our lives. Every day it brings us the opportunity to try something different. At Gourmet Kitchen, we get excited about the opportunity to build some culinary theatre into our customers lives and we have two ways to share it – through our restaurant and our cooking school.

The restaurant and cooking school are a Yin and Yang. Two complementary aspects that combine to ensure an evolving experience. They bring out the best in us by combining our passion and knowledge to ensure the restaurant menu and the school classes always evolve. We seek inspiration from across the world and always look to combine culinary ideas and culture.

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